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Are you ready for a long happy retirement? Many of us aren’t and we deserve to be. Life expectancy climbs daily. Will you outlive your money? Many of us may, as even a 401k or an IRA with a few additional investments in the stock market may not be enough to support us well into our 90’s. Where to begin? Adiel Gorel’s humorous presentation brings light to an “Invest then Rest” philosophy that will change your life. In this program, he reveals how you can make low-risk, high-quality single-family home rental real estate investments in great markets without being a real estate mogul. He has helped thousands of busy people for over 30 years create retirement riches who have no training with his straightforward step-by-step easy to follow plan. Join us! Learn more about Adiel and ICG.

Remote Control Featured Gift Master Package

Remote Control Retirement Riches Master Package

The Featured Gift Master Package contains 30+ years of experience, and Adiel’s new books and products not yet available anywhere else.

Here is a detailed description of the Master Package which contains a DVD of the show in case you cannot make the broadcast:

DVD – Remote Control Retirement Riches with Adiel Gorel (companion)

In Remote Control Retirement Riches, successful real estate investor Adiel Gorel reveals how to make low-risk, high-quality single-family home rental investments – without having to become a full-time real estate mogul or harried landlord. For more than 30 years he’s shown thousands of busy people – and people without any real estate training – that creating “retirement riches” is much easier, and less time-consuming, than they ever imagined.

In this program viewers will learn how to:

  • Become a rental single-family home investor without changing their lifestyle
  • Use rental single-family homes to finance retirement or even college tuition for their children or grandchildren
  • Make the most of an investor tax benefits
  • Build a multimillion-dollar rental single-family home portfolio

Remote Control Retirement Riches offers a wealth-building program that can truly change lives while enabling people to live the life they really want. Experience in real estate is not required, and because Adiel guides novices through the process, the can “Invest, Then Rest” with the comfort of knowing they’re building a retirement nest egg – or possibly an inheritance to leave their family – with a safe, secure investment.

Adiel Gorel is the CEO of International Capital Group, a real estate investment firm. He personally owns many properties in the United States and has assisted investors with the purchase of thousands of properties nationwide. A dynamic speaker, Gorel often lectures in the U.S. and Europe on the subject of real estate investing. He holds a masters degree from Stanford University.

Additional items in the Featured Gift Master Package:

  • Remote Control Retirement Riches (related, softcover book) — New, revised, expanded, and updated book on how to change your future with rental homes.
  • Invest Then Rest (related, softcover book) — Learn how to create a powerful financial future using single-family home rentals.
  • How to Harness Inflation as Your Ally (related, booklet) — How this works and why it can help your retirement
  • Making It Happen Self Quiz (related) — Assessing your finances to see if you are ready to start changing your future with rental homes.
  • Where to Invest (related, booklet) — Where to buy rental homes? The criteria for which markets to buy in and why.
  • The How-To 5 DVD Course (related, DVD Set of 5) — A step by step guide, covering the entire material, in an inviting and easy listening format with graphs, charts, and many more helpful tips.
  • Newsletter (related) — A Monthly newsletter that continues to explore Adiel Gorel’s step-by-step plan of investing in single-family homes for profit with the latest information.

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* Please check with your service provider for channel number.

Station ID
CASan FranciscoMonday06-10-20193:30 AMKQEDDT2*
CASan JoseMonday06-10-20193:30 AMKQEHDT54
CAWatsonvilleMonday06-10-20193:30 AMKQETDT2*
CASan FranciscoSunday06-09-20199:30 PMKQEDDT2*
CASan JoseSunday06-09-20199:30 PMKQEHDT54
CAWatsonvilleSunday06-09-20199:30 PMKQETDT2*
CASan FranciscoSaturday06-08-20193:30 AMKQEDDT2*
CASan JoseSaturday06-08-20193:30 AMKQEHDT54
CAWatsonvilleSaturday06-08-20193:30 AMKQETDT2*
CASan FranciscoFriday06-07-20199:30 PMKQEDDT2*
CASan JoseFriday06-07-20199:30 PMKQEHDT54
CAWatsonvilleFriday06-07-20199:30 PMKQETDT2*
CASan FranciscoThursday06-06-20194:00 AMKQEDDT2*
CASan JoseThursday06-06-20194:00 AMKQEHDT54
CAWatsonvilleThursday06-06-20194:00 AMKQETDT2*
CASan FranciscoWednesday06-05-201910:00 PMKQEDDT2*
CASan JoseWednesday06-05-201910:00 PMKQEHDT54
CAWatsonvilleWednesday06-05-201910:00 PMKQETDT2*
CASan FranciscoMonday06-03-201912:00 AMKQEDDT9
CASan JoseMonday06-03-201912:00 AMKQEHDT2*
CAWatsonvilleMonday06-03-201912:00 AMKQETDT54
CASan FranciscoMonday06-03-20191:00 PMKQEDDT9
CASan JoseMonday06-03-20191:00 PMKQEHDT2*
CAWatsonvilleMonday06-03-20191:00 PMKQETDT54
CASan FranciscoSunday06-02-20196:00 PMKQEDDT9
CASan JoseSunday06-02-20196:00 PMKQEHDT2*
CAWatsonvilleSunday06-02-20196:00 PMKQETDT54
TXEl PasoSunday05-26-201910:30 AMKCOS-X*
TXEl PasoSunday05-26-201910:30 AMKCOSDT13
MDAnnapolisTuesday05-14-201912:00 AMWMPTDT42
MDFrederickTuesday05-14-201912:00 AMWFPTDT28
MDHagerstownTuesday05-14-201912:00 AMWWPBDT44
MDOaklandTuesday05-14-201912:00 AMWGPTDT36
MDSalisburyTuesday05-14-201912:00 AMWCPBDT28
CASan BernardinoSaturday05-04-20193:30 AMKVCRDT26
INGaryThursday05-02-20193:30 AMWYINDT56
CASan BernardinoMonday04-15-20193:30 AMKVCRDT26
GAAtlantaSunday04-14-20193:00 PMWPBADT25
GAAtlantaSaturday04-13-20191:00 PMWPBADT25
INGaryWednesday04-10-20193:30 AMWYINDT56
LANew OrleansMonday04-08-20192:00 AMWLAEDT31
LANew OrleansMonday04-08-20196:00 AMWLAEDT2*
INGarySunday04-07-20193:00 AMWYINDT56
INGarySunday04-07-20197:00 AMWYINDT56
LANew OrleansSunday04-07-20192:00 PMWLAEDT31
LANew OrleansSunday04-07-20196:00 PMWLAEDT2*
INGarySaturday04-06-201912:00 PMWYINDT56
LANew OrleansFriday04-05-20193:30 PMWLAEDT31
LANew OrleansFriday04-05-20197:30 PMWLAEDT2*

Map Unavailable

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