How Investing in Real Estate for Retirement Can Help Practically Anyone Transform Their Life

Why Retiring Rich Is Achievable – Much More So Than You May Think

The aim of investing in real estate for retirement is to secure your future. By the time you retire, you want to be comfortably well off. You want to have the wherewithal to travel, have nice things, be living in a nice house, with a nice car. You want to be able to afford the tuition for your kids' or even grandkids’ education if you so wish. You want to be able to have all your needs taken care of later in life – whether it is healthcare or anything else. Basically, you want to be comfortably off without having to worry about how to meet expenses – not just necessities but some of the better things in life as well. So how long before your real estate investment helps you retire well?

Real estate is a long-term financial strategy.

Real estate investments may not be the right option for someone looking to get rich quickly. It is not a quick fix. It takes time. Though one can start to invest at any time – we have had people who start investing in their 60s and 70s – the sooner one starts, the better it is for them. Of course, some people start investing in their 30s and even in their 20s as well, however, most people approach us in their 40s, with a decade or two to go till the age of retirement. This is smart because it takes about 10-15 years before you see the fruits of investing in real estate for retirement.

I have a thousand stories about investors that approached us in their 40s and went on to finance their own senior years, healthcare, kids’ education, travel, a nice car… whatever their priorities in life were. So typically we would have an investor that started buying rental homes when they were about 45. Soon after buying their first rental home, they went on to buy more; maybe bought ten or fifteen, or twenty homes! By the time they were close to retirement or in their late 50s, their loan balance was just about a quarter of the value of the home. So they would go on to sell off some of the homes they own, pay off capital gains, and use the money to repay all of the remaining loans. This gives them their remaining homes free and clear. I crunch some numbers in my latest video. Don’t miss it.

Warren Buffet agrees with me.

The one thing that makes all of this possible is the 30-year fixed-rate loan. This is a financial gift that is made available only in this great country of America. Other developed nations can scarcely believe that something like this exists in the US of A. This is one of the greatest tools for securing and even transforming your financial future by investing in real estate for retirement. And guess who agrees with me – Warren Buffet!  This is something he and I discussed when I was hosting a PBS special; something that was reported by Entrepreneur Magazine.

With the help of this loan, inflation becomes immaterial. While everything around will keep costing more, your mortgage payment is sort of frozen in time. It never changes. So, while the value of our investment property, the house(s) you own will keep increasing, your mortgage will remain the same. Soon, your mortgage payment will look tiny; about the same as a good meal at a fine dining place.

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