How to Take the First Step to Secure Your Financial Future with Real Estate Investing

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Get the ICG Advantage – Here’s How It Can Be Transformative
Are you a first time investor; someone who is brand new to the whole concept of real estate investment? Well, then I understand your reticence about taking that first step towards growing your financial future. Where to invest? What to buy? What to do first? All this can seem complex and confusing. So here is what you, as a first time investor, should do to create your retirement riches.

Simplify, don’t complicate.

At ICGRE we are in the business of helping you build a safe and financially secure future for yourself. We have the knowhow, the networks and the contacts to help you invest in ways that work for you. We know the builders, the developers, the property managers and the finance people, and can put you in touch with all these to streamline processes. Doing all of this on your own can be extremely intimidating if not actually impossible!
We guide and advise first time investors through it all. We conduct seminars and events that help people understand what we are about. You can check out our exclusive properties and ask to be added to our quick list. Or you can just schedule a personal meeting to have any doubts or queries addressed. I honestly feel that this can make a huge difference to investing outcomes. Not only do we help invest in properties that will appreciate over time, but we also help generate a passive rent income right away!

Book an appointment.

This is one of the things about my job that I really like and which I prioritize – meeting personally with clients! A major chunk of my time is devoted to meeting investors and to understanding their needs, and then customizing investing solutions for their needs.
So if you are a first time investor, I would advise you to reach out to us at Just pick up the phone to get in touch, send us an email at or fill out our Contact Form to set up an appointment today!