What is ICG, and what are your plans on investment for retirement in California?

At ICG, we always believe trust is one of the key factors in our business. We connect our clients only with the realtors we use for ourselves. They can help our novice clients with all the stages of purchasing real estate on investment for retirement in California. Our trusted realtors will handle the whole process of identifying and introducing the best properties to assist with the loan qualifying process. We can even recommend trusted local property managers who can take care of all rental and maintenance aspects of ownership. Contact International capital Group today and start making plans on investment for retirement in California.

Is your retirement in California still many years away? Or is it closer than you expected it to be? It does not matter how near or far away from your retirement in California. What matters the most is how you plan to invest for retirement. At International capital Group (ICG), we understand the real importance of investment for retirement in California. We are a real estate investment company formed by Adiel Gorel, one of the most popular real estate motivational speakers in the United States. Our vision is to inspire our investors with the knowledge which enables them to build a worry-free, financially secure future.

To date, ICG has assisted many young and adult investors in purchasing thousands of properties nationwide with their purpose of investment for retirement in California. In 1987 Adiel Gorel started International Capital Group in San Francisco Bay Area. ICG got the most experienced teams from the most profitable markets to present with real estate deals ready to move with updates and forecasts to his clients. In some cases, Adiel even held one-on-one discussions by sacrificing his time on individuals seeking support on investment for retirement. He has mentored thousands of investors in the United States to utilize the most effective investment tools through ICG. Adiel Gorel always finds his unique motivational Speaking skills and real estate expert knowledge to educate people on having fun with a process they mostly find complicated.




Factors you need to consider when making plans on investment for retirement in California.

Money can always be intimidating. Most people who do not have a proper investment plan are ending up working even during their retirement ages to recover from debts they have been carrying for years. No matter how big or how little you earn, it is always important to look for a concrete strategy for investment for retirement. There are numbers of factors you need to consider as follows before thinking about investment for retirement in California.


Calculate how long you have for your retirement in California!

It is important to consider your current age and calculate how long you have for your retirement before making investment plans for retirement in California. Without a proper understanding of this factor, many people make bad decisions and take actions to lead them to major regrets later. The longer the time you have between today and retirement, the higher the level of risk your investment portfolio can hold up. As Chief Executive Officer of ICG (International Capital Group) Real Estate Investments, Adiel Gorel uncovers the endless possibilities of making low-risk, high-quality single-family homes for rent investments – without becoming a stressful full-time landlord.


Decide what are your retirement spending needs now itself!

Having a proper thought about how you plan to spend during retirement makes it much easier for you to allocate your investment for retirement strategies. Most people believe that their annual spending will be much lesser after retirement than what they are currently spending after retirement in California. During the first two years of retirement, they spend most of their hard-earned money on bucket-list goals to look for more money later. Expenses like unforeseen medical bills and unfinished mortgages will make many people stuck during their retirement ages. For over 30 years, ICG has been showing proper ways of investment for retirement to people who did not have a single clue about becoming financially independent.


Do not forget the fact that your investment return will be taxed!

Investment returns are typically taxed. Many people will forget that the actual rate of investment return must be calculated on an after-tax basis. This makes another reason why you need to trust ICG when making plans on investment for retirement in California. We allocate our time to researching real estate investments in the industry, markets, law, and taxation. When considering your particular investment needs, we will explore the best opportunities and guide you to redeem the best in your retirement age.

ICG assists busy people in building a healthy financial future. Call us on our toll-free number (800) 324-3983 or Email at info@icgre.com to determine how we can help you plan on investment for retirement in California.



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