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“What’s it’s doing is putting cash in your pocket.”
– Armen Kurdian –
ICG Investor

We Are Proud To Help So Many People Secure A Strong Financial Future!

Brad H., ICG Investor Since 1991; Brad Owns 10 Single Family Homes In Phoenix, Two In San Antonio, And Two In Oklahoma City

“For me it feels like Adiel is my friend on the stage. He’s very approachable and likes connecting at a one-to-one level. He is AUTHENTIC. His public speaking skills have been honed through years and he’s never lost that personal touch. I have a lot of respect for him. He’s brilliant, so good and so down to earth. He’s the master of this stuff.”

Peter, ICG Investor For 19 Years – Owns Six Single-Family Homes In Florida, Arizona, And Texas

“At age 60, I had zero hope for the future and felt I was at a dead end. Investing in single-family homes has saved my life. Had I not done this, I would be living in poverty now. Instead, I’m asset rich and have enough income to support my needs for years to come. I owe my peace of mind all to one man: Adiel Gorel. I have enormous respect for him. Adiel is straightforward and extremely practical. His attitude sets him apart from others in the industry and I have met many of them. He says, “Folks, I did it. Let me show you how I did it. He has no other intent. He speaks common sense and I like the directness in his presentation style. He’s a breath of fresh air.”

Derek, ICG Investor Since Early 2000’s

“Adiel doesn’t really know how much he’s impacted my life…everyone I meet, I give to them a copy of Adiel’s book, that’s how passionate I am about what I’ve learned. I’m comfortable with my net worth and financial future. The appreciation of the properties in a decade has been incredible. It’s given me a lot of confidence at work. I still do work for a living. I am not yet making enough cash flow to replace my income, but I’ve been running spreadsheets. In 10 years, I can stop working if I want. I want to work with kids in the future. They’ve lost the industrial arts in schools. I remember being in high school and seeing kids who weren’t academic stars, but who shined in woodshop, metal shop, or auto mechanics. Too many of them are getting cast off to the side today. School is where you’re supposed to learn what your talents are. So that’s my plan B. My tenants are paying $11K/month towards my retirement so I can one day do that work.”

Niva Lev, ICG Investor

“I have peace of mind that these three properties will take care of me in the future when I can no longer work as a psychotherapist.  I’ve always been self-employed, so I have no pension. I have no husband or children, so I must take care of myself. I’m very proud of what I’ve done. It opened my mind to other forms of investments. It expanded my consciousness that I could invest and have passive income. I got my entire family investing too.  Adiel has great passion for this work after all these years. He stands out. He has a passion for life, a passion to help others. He is a man in service allowing his knowledge to flow to others. He has charisma and many people want to follow him. I’ve seen in times of crisis that he’s working from his heart. He goes above and beyond to address people’s needs. With all these investors worldwide, he still gives each his personal attention”

Dave, ICG Investor Since 2016

“As a speaker, Adiel varies the content and his accent makes it entertaining. He tells you the very real mistakes to avoid.”

Dawn, ICG investor for 15 years who began investing in her early 40’s and now owns three homes in Texas, Oklahoma and Florida

“Besides his knowledge, we has a lot of excitement when he’s talking about that knowledge. Makes you comfy listening to the knowledge. He’s making it sound so easy. How easily it flowed. You feel about a person that he’s happy about what he’s talking about.”

Edi, ICG Investor

“Adiel gave me a very good toolkit to use over the last 17 years. He gave me the confidence, experience and mentoring I needed to become an investor in single family homes. He gave me the whole package – everything I needed –agents, CPAs, all support needed to buy these homes. We knew those ecosystem professionals would not disappoint Adiel or anyone in the ICG infrastructure. Truly, whenever we’ve needed something, like a consultation to prevent unnecessary mistakes, Adiel was there. He’s been a very thorough, reliable guy who has delivered results.”

Dawn, ICG investor

“By selling one house we’d owned and rented for 13 years, we were able to buy two homes in two cities and doubled our monthly income. This has worked out nicely. We’re 57 years old and we think we’ll stay in Texas. Those two rental homes in Oklahoma City and Jacksonville are providing us what we need. Investing in single family rental homes was the best decision my husband and I made, other than getting married. Knowing that we’ve done so well over the years, there’s no stopping us now. As we get closer to retirement age, we’ll buy more homes for the long term.”

Jon and Irene, ICG Investors 

“Irene and I are happy that we started and are continuing to grow our portfolio with ICG. We’re very grateful for the experiences and the investment opportunities that have been presented to us so far. We’re thankful that we got connected to this group and we will certainly grow with this community. It’s a relationship we will continue to foster. I hope Adiel never retires. He’s a good guy. The way Adiel presents and tells stories is local and personable. It’s clear he is an analytical and logical person and yet it feels as if we’re sitting around talking about investments. We’re thankful that we got connected to this group. It’s a relationship that will continue to foster. I hope he never retires. He’s a good guy.”

David Talby

“We’ve invested in real estate through ICG during the past year. Adiel Gorel and his ICG group have conducted themselves very professionally and have benefited us greatly by guiding us to invest differently from the way we had been investing.”

Susan Morin

“I have been investing with ICG for fifteen years, and the return on my investments has been consistently in double digits, and beyond in some cases. Adiel Gorel’s “in the trenches” experience and expertise has been invaluable over the years, dealing with the ups & downs of real estate markets as well as my own family’s growth and life transitions. I invested most recently in the Oklahoma market, and Adiel’s hands-on guidance resulted in yet another smooth investment transaction. I highly recommend him!”

Jack, ICG Investor Since The 1990’s

“Adiel is so polished. He really knows his material and keep getting better every single time he’s up there. He’s extremely knowledgeable in the BIG picture. He has lots of contacts, experience and a huge knowledge base. Remember that I was running a real estate learning group and we continuously brought in speakers to teach us. I can say Adiel was one of the best. His expos are very informative events where you find lots of support, lots of experts and NO sales pressure. At ICG expos you’ll see it’s about helping people.”

Greg and Madelyn Stikes

“My brother and I needed to sell an estate property in Los Angeles, and thanks to ICG and your realtor in Austin, we found five new construction exchange properties in Austin that would all close within our required timeframe.”

Larry And Lynn, ICG Investors Since 2001 Who Own 12 Homes In 3 States

“Adiel’s stage presence is awesome, it’s like he’s talking to you individually from the stage. He shares new experience every time and keeps it fresh. He’s amicable and makes us laugh. He’s very eloquent.”

A.K. And J.K.

“Early this year, I decided I was comfortable with a foray into a remote market and went into contract through ICG realtors on a home in Tampa in February, and a home in Orlando in March. This time, I did it 100% remotely.”

Jon And Irene, ICG Investors Since 2016, Who Own Eight Single Family Homes In Their Early 40’s

“The way Adiel presents and tells stories is local and personable. It’s clear he is an analytical and logical person and yet it feels as if we’re sitting around talking about investments. We’re thankful that we got connected to this group. It’s a relationship that will continue to foster. I hope he never retires. He’s a good guy.”

Michael, ICG Investor For About Seven Years Who Owns 42 Homes At Age 42 And Has Set a 50-by-50 Goal For Himself

“Adiel is a very engaging speaker. He has lots of passion with this subject. He speaks with lots of authority – the kind that comes from doing this for so many years, by working with so many investors and in buying so many homes. His is a strong and compelling message.”

Sheila, ICG Investor Since 2016

“It’s apparent from the stage that Adiel is honest and believable. I can trust him. He’s captivating and entertaining. He’ll make fun of things, make fun of mistakes and even makes fun of his accent.”

Phil, ICG Investor

“ICG has created a turn-key situation for investors. Investing in single family homes was one of the wisest things we could’ve done and I’m glad we did so. We’re very happy with our net worth, our credit rating, and our financial future. The investments really do carry themselves. We’re using one property to finance our daughter’s university education. You can refinance and take cash out for whatever you need.”
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