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Remote Control Retirement Riches include:

  1. Program DVD – Remote Control Retirement Riches with Adiel Gorel core program.
  2. Remote Control Retirement Riches Book – New, revised, expanded, and updated book on how to change your future with rental homes.
  3. Invest Then Rest Book – Learn how to create a powerful financial future using single family home rentals.
  4. How to Harness Inflation as Your Ally Booklet
  5. Making It Happen Self Quiz – Assessing your finances to see if you are ready to start changing your future with rental homes.
  6. Where to Invest Booklet – Where to buy rental homes? The criteria for which markets to buy in and why.
  7. The How To 5 DVD Course – A step-by-step guide, covering the entire material, in an inviting and easy listening format with graphics, charts and many more helpful tips.
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