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Which is The Best Real Estate Market for Investment Right Now?

Why My Favorite Real Estate Market Is Subject to Change
You know we have a lot of lively and informative discussions during our quarterly expo events. If you like, you can check out one of these here or here. I also get a lot of questions about investing, markets, future returns and so on. People also want to know – which is my favorite market to invest in right now. Well over the years, I would recommend investing in one or another market, but it’s not as if I have one clear favorite. I’ll explain.

How to choose a property market to invest in.

There are different parameters to consider before you invest in real estate. An important consideration for investors is, of course, the price. You will want to invest where prices are still reasonable; where they are likely to rise, and give you good returns in times to come. Otherwise your investment makes no sense. Another important consideration for a lot of investors is whether the price-to-rent ratio makes sense. You want to start generating that passive income for yourself and make your investment start to pay for itself. Then there are property taxes to keep in mind as well.
So right now, Oklahoma City is a market that makes sense because the numbers are good. Tulsa also makes sense for many of the same reasons. On the other hand, Central Florida makes less sense because the numbers aren’t all that favorable and Atlanta makes even less sense because availability itself is a big issue. And then there are other areas such as Raleigh-Durham and the Research Triangle. These are also popular with investors though the numbers don’t make as much sense, as I explain in my podcast.

Why inflation is the real estate investor’s friend.

However the numbers aren’t the only important aspect to look at when you’re investing in real estate. More important than where you’re buying is what you’re buying and how you’re buying. So, like I always say, it is a consistently good idea to invest in brand new, single family homes. Those will give you the best returns. And I recommend large metropolitan areas in the Sunbelt states right now.
Most important in my book is how you buy. If you’re not opting for the 30-year fixed rate loan, you’re rejecting a gift! That 30-year fixed loan is life changing and is going to be even more so in times to come. You probably know how the government has been pumping trillions into the economy and is planning to print trillions of dollars more. And what happens when there is more cash in the system? Inflation! And in the context of the 30-year loan scenario, inflation is your best friend. You’re going to be repaying the same amount over the next few decades, and that amount is going to seem like less and less as the years go by.
So if you have a favorite market but you feel the numbers are not so good there, it could well be that we can make it work for you. Check out this episode to know more about how to invest in real estate and what to do after you’ve made your purchase.