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Is It Safe To Invest In Real Estate Online? Why Or Why Not?

Investing Online In Real Estate? How To Do It Right
In this constantly-connected world, it makes sense to invest online. We have at our fingertips all the information we need, the ability to communicate instantly, have queries answered, tour properties virtually and more. So, investing online in real estate does seem to make a lot of sense, especially in these times of COVID when people are still reluctant to travel. It is only obvious that our clients and people who attend our seminars often have this question for me: can I invest in real estate online? My answer is, yes and no.

Investing in real estate online is a good idea.

You have access to thousands of options – you can see images, watch videos, take virtual tours to see what it is like indoors and outdoors to get a real sense of a property. You can exchange emails to have all your queries answered. You can read reviews of brokers or property developers or managers, and even check what people say about them on social media. You can read up on all the news and market analysis for the region you’re interested in investing in.
All this is possible online and one must take advantage of the speed and convenience and economy of this. One would be unwise not to! However, the rule of thumb here is that it is a good idea to go and physically visit the market one wants to invest in. This gives you a sense of the sort of neighborhood, the area, the property and so on.  

My advice for investing in real estate online.

Even if it’s only a short visit, just one day to drive around the area and personally meet some of the people involved, an actual visit to the market is a good idea. You can speak to the property manager, take some pictures on your own and get a much better sense of the decision you’re about to take. In the end this is going to give you a great sense of confidence about your investment. Plus this is going to be important for when the nay-sayers among your friends and family have questions about your decision!
Check out this episode to know my views on whether you should invest in real estate online. Reach out to us at ICG Real Estate to know about our properties or to book an appointment.