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No Inventory in the Property Market You’re Interested In? Don’t Worry

Why a Wait List for Buying Property Isn’t Such A Terrible Idea

So you’ve finally made up your mind to invest in real estate! Well done! If you’ve done it later in life, it’s better late than never. If you’ve made this decision early in life, congratulations! This is an investment that is going to be life-altering going forward, and you’re probably ready to dive in! You’ve done your research and have some idea about the best locations and markets to invest in. All good so far. But then comes the problem of limited inventory. In many of the good property markets, the demand far outstrips supply. So what do you do?

Waiting lists are not a bad thing.

So this is something that an enthusiastic investor is going to baulk at – you’re ready to commit but the universe seems to be conspiring against you! They’re saying there’s no inventory. You’re being asked to wait. They are suggesting that you get on a waiting list. It can be rather anticlimactic. You’re probably wondering whether you should move to some other market where there is inventory.
So should you move to another market? Not really. You don’t necessarily need to look elsewhere. But if you want to consider other options, I can show you the markets that I think are good to buy in right now, and you can look at those.
Once you’ve made that investment there isn’t much for you to do – remote control riches, remember? Think about the bigger picture. You’re investing for the long term – for ten, twelve, fifteen or more years. So it doesn’t make much of a difference if you’re investing right now or a few months down the line. It is not such a bad thing to spend a little time on a waitlist if it helps you make the kind of investment that is going to grow in value down the line.

There are factors more important than inventory.

If the market of your choice has low or no inventory right now, this doesn’t matter too much. If you’re spending a while on the waitlist, that is not important. What is important is that you get yourself the longest term loan possible. Right now, with government spending policies being what they are, inflation seems inevitable. And as I always say, inflation is your best friend if you have a fixed-rate loan that is repayable over a long period.
Watch this short episode to understand what to do if the market you’re interested in has no inventory. To know about which markets are good for you right now, contact us at and find the answers to all your questions.


On a Property Buying Waitlist? Why You Should Wait It Out

How A Few Months’ Waiting Doesn’t Impact Your Property Investment Prospect
There are a lot of questions that come my way during or soon after our lively, exciting ICGRE Events – our quarterly real estate expos. Where do I invest? What market is good for me to buy in right now? What markets should I avoid? And then I get this question from all the impatient people – what to do if I get on a waitlist for buying property? So here’s what I tell them about waiting lists…

Waiting lists are not a bad thing.

Yes I know waiting can be frustrating. First you go and make that all important decision to invest in real estate – congratulations! This is probably the smartest decision you’ve taken for your future financial security. Then you go ahead and do your due diligence and you research the property market to see where you should invest. The research seems to point in a particular direction. The trade pundits also seem to indicate that X or Y market is a great investment opportunity because it is poised to grow in times to come. So you make up your mind.
Then when you want to take the plunge, someone tells you to wait – they put you on a waiting list. Frustrating? Maybe. A problem? Not necessarily. So, first ask yourself: why are there waiting lists in the first place? This means that it is a good market to buy real estate and a lot of people are seeing the sense of investing in this particular market. This probably means that you’re making a wise choice.

Look at the bigger picture.

What is the aim of your investment? It is that you should be able to secure your financial future, right? Maybe you’re looking to finance the education of your grandkids or create the sort of retirement riches that help maintain a great lifestyle even in your later years? Whatever your aim is, the fact is that with real estate you’re investing for the long term. You’re looking at returns 10, 15, maybe 20 years down the line.
So when you take that long view, a few months here or there doesn’t really matter. My advice is that if you’re really interested in a particular property market, you shouldn’t let yourself be dissuaded by some waitlist. Just wait for a while and do absolutely nothing. And remember, even after you’ve bought your property, you need to do absolutely nothing! At ICGRE we take care of all the nitty gritty for you. 
Check out this episode to know why wait lists don’t really matter; and why you shouldn’t worry about waiting a few months to make the right real estate investment. If you like, you can also check out some of our Investor Stories to know how we literally work to put cash in your pocket.