You Think You Can’t Get Loans?

Many investors have almost given up on getting loans to buy investment real estate. It may be that their credit was ruined during the recession. It may be that they own over 10 properties and exceed the FNMA guidelines. Or, it may be that their income is not sufficient or their loan to income ratio doesn’t work.
Nowadays, securing a loan from a lender is far more difficult and a lot of very good people get left out in the cold. However, there are alternatives. One such alternative is the Asset-based loan. This is a loan based on your stock portfolio (as a bonus your foreign friends can also get a loan against THEIR stock portfolio in 30 different stock markets worldwide).
At our ICG 1-Day Expo this Saturday, one of our expert speakers will be Mark McKay, who specializes in Asset-based loans.
Take a look at the descriptions of these loans by Mark:
Still the best and easiest way to finance your real estate investments.
  • Loan is leveraged against your stock/securities portfolio
  • Lowest interest rates in the nation
  • Not a margin loan and generally several percentage points lower than margin loans
  • Not credit score driven
  • No limit on number of properties owned
  • You maintain ownership of your stock/securities portfolio
  • You continue to receive all the dividends
  • Fast and easy processing – generally 2 or 3 weeks
  • So low doc almost NO DOC
  • Established as a line of credit, you only pay interest on what you use
  • Dual appreciation
Come hear Mark THIS SATURDAY near the San Francisco Airport (details at Send us an email at info@wordpress-477489-3816299.cloudwaysapps.comand mention this blog and you and a guest can attend FREE.