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How it Works

International Capital Group founder Adiel Gorel explains how you can own beautiful single-family homes as investment properties (without having to take time away from your busy life to care for them).
Many people are too busy to create the foundation needed to become financially independent and achieve major life goals, such as sending their kids to college and retiring well. That’s where we can lend a hand.

ICG helps investors acquire single-family home investments in advantageous locations in the best U.S. markets. For as little as 20% down, qualified investors can begin building substantial wealth for generations to come. The loans obtained on our houses are fixed-rate (which means the loan payment never changes with the cost of living—even though everything else does!)

This combination of leverage and fixed-rate financing helps you build a bigger estate faster and safer.

One of the first questions we get is, “Who will own the house?” The answer is simple: You.

ICG connects you with our realtor team, who will support you through each stage of the buying process: from identifying and presenting the best properties; to assistance with the loan qualifying process by connecting you to the best lenders; to using ICG’s preferred local property managers who can take care of all rental and maintenance aspects of ownership.

With ICG, your wealth-building investments are “done for you”.

As an ICG investor, you will enjoy building your wealth in the most stable sector of the economy: housing! Whether you purchase a multitude of houses, or even if you only buy one, you get the clout of being part of the large wealth-building community, while benefiting as an individual (it’s the best of both worlds)!

Industry Experience

ICG (International Capital Group) has been investing for over 30 years and was formally founded in 1987.

ICGRE Financial Future Guide

Financial Future Guide

ICG assists busy people to build a strong financial future.
Powerful Investment Tools by ICGRE

Powerful Investment Tools

By utilizing one of the most productive investment tools—rental homes—ICG empowers you to build a safe, secure estate and achieve all your life goals.
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ICG uses single-family home investments, bought in advantageous locations and the best U.S. markets. We enable you to enjoy the clout that comes from purchasing a multitude of houses, even if you only buy one.
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